Hi guys! How are you?! Happy Thursday!

I literally hate how long it’s been since my last post


I have way, way too much to update you on, now that I’ve graduated college and am home for a few weeks before moving back to Boston (hooray!!) to start my first *real world* job. AHHH!!

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The last time we spoke (unless, of course, you follow me on Instagram, where I post pretty much every day!) was in February. Since then, I’ve gone on an amazing spring break vacation to Florida, had countless job interviews, enjoyed every last second at BC with my amazing friends and roommates, graduated on May 23rd (SO bittersweet), and then headed back home for the time being as I look for apartments with some friends.

I want to write a bunch of updates/catch up posts because there have been some really fun events (“Dance Through the Decades” – where my roommates and I dressed up as cavewomen, Commencement Ball, Senior Toast, graduation, and so much more!), plus just the usual workouts, cute outfits, fun eats, and shizzz like that.

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I’ve also been working on some fun workout videos and recipes that I want to share with you this summer! Now that I’ve graduated and will *hopefully* have more downtime on weekends and after work (I say this now…) since I will no longer have homework, I really want to dedicate a ton of time to this little old blog of mine!

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So, look forward to lots of fitness, fashion, food, and fun to come!!

Oh, also, I realize I haven’t shared much of my European travels from when I studied abroad in Florence (almost 2 years ago now…), so I want to write a bunch of travel posts, too!

Plus, I have been posting tons of words of wisdom (aka inspirational quotes I love), so I want to share lots of motivational posts on here as well. I even made an Instagram handle strictly dedicated to my quotes (@LaurQuotes), as I might keep @LaurRuns just fitness, fashion, food, and “fun.” Let me know how you like the quote posts!

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That’s all for now (I’m heading up to Boston to apartment hunt), but I will be back soon with more content for you!


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