Happy Weekend, Indeed

Hi guys, and happy weekend! 

I’ve survived two weeks of my first “real world” job, and so far, so good!

I’m loving my coworkers and the work seems right up my alley. It’ll be a while before I’m up to speed, but I’m learning so much and enjoying the process and getting to know my colleagues! 

Anyway, I know I haven’t been on here as much as I wanted to this summer – between finding an apartment, moving in, starting work, and trying to relax and see friends and fam, the chance to blog has slipped away. Ugh!

I thought I would get on here today to say hello and share a few pictures from the past couple weeks. You can also find these pics on my Instagram (@LaurRuns). Follow along for daily photos!

My morning workout + fave post-workout snack!

Loving the new Panera peach blueberry power smoothie with almond milk!

Lunch outside with my mom at one of my favorite casual restaurants in my hometown (before I moved to Boston). Love spending time with her (and the good food doesn’t hurt ;)). This was a spinach wrap with turkey, spicy honey mustard, lettuce, tomato, walnuts, and dried cranberries, plus a side salad. Yum!

One of my work day outfits from last week. I’m fortunate that we have a casual dress code and can wear whatever we want! This means I can still wear all my old college class clothes (minus the workout clothes I usually wore…) or business casual – whatever I’m in the mood for. So nice!

The CEO of our company is amazing and had us all over for food and drinks at her gorgeous home on Tuesday evening. I enjoyed spending time with my coworkers, sipping rosé, and snacking on watermelon (x5), sliders, and mini wraps. Can’t wait for more of these nights in the future!

The scene of my peaceful, quiet Saturday morning – exactly what I needed after super early mornings and busy work days. Waking up naturally (at 8:45), sipping coffee, listening to podcasts, reading magazines, and then getting an awesome 5 miles in (while exploring my new neighborhood) was the perfect start to my weekend.

I hope you guys are enjoying your summer, and that I get to talk to you all again soon!

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