Life Is Good

Today really felt like summer.

The day began with an awesome 5 mile run outside before I set out for a hike with four of my friends. Not only was it fun to chat with them as we walked up the steep mountain, but we also got to look at this when we got to the top. It’s things like this that make you realize how good life really is.


After the hike, I spent some time at home working before I went out to The Counter Burger with the boy. I love that place. I always get the veggie burger on a multigrain bun with roasted red peppers, grilled onion, corn and black bean salsa, and tomato. SO messy. SO good.

After digesting I had some Edy’s Salted Caramel Pretzel ice cream mixed with vanilla greek yogurt, as well as some Hershey’s Drops.

I noticed today that I’ve been really digging gold lately. Not digging for gold – digging the gorgeous color. WIthout even thinking about it, I quickly changed into this outfit after the hike, and right as I looked in the mirror I laughed because I chose the same headband as I did a few nights ago, and gold earrings. Guess that’s what I’m into these days!

jcrew topadd a jcrew cardi

sock bun

I didn’t end up wearing those earrings, but this pic shows the successful sock bun! It surprisingly stayed put all night!

gold accessories

Those were the earrings I decided on. Simple gold leaf studs.

So, there ya have it. Little fitness, little food, little fashion, and lots of fun all in one post. Four things that make me one happy girl.

To-Do List Tuesday

Today was one of those days where, instead of checking things off the to-do list, you just add more and more to it as the day goes on.

After a quick breakfast, I did a five mile interval workout on the treadmill. After each mile, I got off and did (after mile 1) pushups, (m2) squats, (m3) burpees, (m4) V-ups, (m5) dumbbell curls, lunges, and planks. Boy did this get me sweating!

Once I was all stretched and rolled out, I showered and made a quick lunch of a pb&j bagel and an apple. I spent the entire day working on the online mag, applying for jobs, emailing professors and doing some research. I was a busy bee!

I ate a bunch of coconut almonds and a peach before dinner which was tacos. I absolutely hate the flavor of the taco seasoning my mom uses, so I cut up a veggie burger, mixed it with corn and black bean salsa, avocado, tomato & lettuce, and wrapped it all up. Nothing too exciting but it got the job done. For a while anyway.

taco wrap

By 8:30 I was feeling hungry, and my amazing father was getting my mom some ice cream from Carvel, so I asked him to pick me up one of these babies.

strawb shortcake

My friends and I often get “Carvelanches” or mint chocolate chip Sundae Dashers, so I figured I would try something new and get the strawberry shortcake flavor. Despite how huge it is, it’s sort of light and refreshing, unlike the richer options I usually choose when I get Carvel. So good!

After finally checking enough off the to-do list, I got to hang out with the boy for a bit.

Now, it’s time for bed!

Mmmmm Monday

I am still brainstorming different ‘themes’ for each day of the week (if that’s the way I even decide to go with this whole blogging thing), but today I would like to do a ‘What I Ate’ post to kick off the week.

I slept in til 10 and decided I was in the mood for a slightly savory breakfast. I decided to whip up 2 microwave eggs with tomato and basil. Alongside it I had a chopped nectarine, as well as an undocumented Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax Crunchy Granola Bar. Little sweet, little savory. Perfect quick morning meal.

quick and simple

After breakfast, I caught up with some of my favorite blogs before heading down to my basement for a nice sweaty workout. The 60 minute workout consisted of a spinning interval workout which I created myself, as well as a few exercises to target some other muscle groups.

sweaty stationary bike workout

The amount of resistance and the speed you go is whatever feels comfortable. It definitely makes you work up a sweat, but it flies by because you’re never on one circuit for very long. After that workout, I decided to do a quick 10 minute HIIT to work some muscles other than my legs. I did 1 minute of mountain climbers, 30 push-ups, 50 squats, 50 crunches, 30 burpees, 1 minute plank, 30 jump squats, 30 tricep dips, 60 high knees, and 60 alternating lunges. This was adapted from‘s “10-Minute HIIT Workout“.

After my workout, I took a shower, applied buckets of aloe, and refueled.

bagel and uhhh

Lunch was comprised of a pear (not pictured), a whole grain bagel from a local bakery, vanilla cinnamon coffee, vanilla seltzer, and puke in a bowl. Just kidding, that nasty looking stuff is actually a delicious combo of peanut butter, cinnamon, and banana. It looks terrible, but it is really just combining one of my favorite trios into a yummy spread. It’s not always about the presentation folks.

While I ate my lunch, I worked on my online internship duties while the sun was shining brightly outside my window. It was a beautiful day, one that I would have loved to have spent in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, I think it’s in my best interest to remain inside for the next few days as my sunburn/rash (lovely, right?) heals.

I spent the afternoon wrapping my dad’s gift, making a card, watching some YouTube videos (Shaytards, CarlieStylez, HeyKayli, Katilette, and missglamorazzi), and talking to my mom about my mini vacation! Nothing very exciting, but I am exhausted from the lack of sleep this weekend.

Around 5:00, I had a small, simple snack to hold me over til dinner. A gala apple and almonds is a pretty common snack I choose, and by pretty common, I mean I have it almost everyday.

apple & almonds

At 6:45, my family sat down and enjoyed a big pot of whole wheat spaghetti mixed with kielbasa, and veggies. Not sure exactly what else my mom put into it, but it was delish. I also had half of a piece of Cosi multigrain flatbread with olivio, popped some cherry tomatoes, and washed it all down with some Silk Pure Almond Vanilla Almond Milk. Like any good daughter should, I left my phone in my room as we ate dinner as a family. This means that I did not take any pictures of dinner, so hopefully my description will suffice.

At 7:45, I went to my friend’s house to watch The Bachelorette. A group of six of my girlfriends and I get together every Monday during the summer to watch our guilty pleasure. I definitely do not believe the show works (as tabloid evidence proves), and honestly, the concept is kind of trashy, but it’s just a fun summer show to watch with friends. We get really into it – drooling over the hottest guys, choosing the ones we would date, screaming when she eliminates our favorites, and catching up on our own lives during the long and all too often commercials (all while snacking on candy and popcorn).

When I got home around 11, I was hungry, so I had a serving of one of my mom’s favorite ice creams mixed with Oikos Cafe Latte Traditional Greek Yogurt. YUMMM.

Edy's Caramel Delight(source)

Mixing ice cream with greek yogurt not only multiplies the volume of deliciousness by two, but you can make some killer flavor combos. I love to mix any sort of chocolate ice cream or frozen yogurt with raspberry greek yogurt. Also good – mint chocolate chip ice cream with vanilla greek yogurt. Really, anything goes!

greek yogurt & ice cream

To add a little fashion to this otherwise very foodie post, here is what I threw on before heading to The Bachelorette viewing party. It was warm and humid today, but the sunburn needed to be covered up this evening – hence my choice of leggings and a mesh sweater.

cover the burngold headband

I’m a huge fan of color – but instead of wearing a turquoise St. Christopher or colored statement necklace as I normally would with this type of outfit, I chose a gold Francesca’s Collection necklace and headband from Urban Outfitters. On my feet I just slid on my Rainbow flip flops (a summertime staple). Nothing too special or cute, but I just thought I might add in a little fashion talk to spice this up.

Once I wrap up this post, I’m planning to sit in bed and read the latest issue of People Style Watch which has been calling my name since I got it a few weeks ago.

Night night!

Pure Bliss

This weekend was amazing. Period.
I went to my high school friend’s beach house with two other friends. It was absolutely what I needed. I hadn’t been to the beach since last summer and boy was I missing feeling the sand between my toes and the warmth of the sun on my shoulders.
blazin' sun
Unfortunately, I may have had a little too much of that warm sun beating down on my barely sunscreened body.
Huge mistake.
Lesson of the day – wear sunblock. Slather it all over. I’m the color of a lobster and it’s pretty darn painful. Oh well, this tends to happen to me at least once a summer and then I (re)learn my lesson.
Anywho, back to the fabulous trip.
We left early Friday morning and arrived around 2:00. As soon as we got there, the cloud covering rolled away and for the two days we were there the weather was absolute perfection.
We went out to eat Friday night after grocery shopping and driving around the island, followed by indulging in some local ice cream. Definitely some good eats.
Saturday morning was spent at the beach, and the afternoon was filled with hours of boating. Boating is quite possibly my favorite thing in the world. The word bliss is all that comes to mind. I could lounge on a boat all day everyday and never get sick of it.
the life
After showers and naps (we had quite a late Friday night full of reminiscing about middle and high school, college stories, as well as a dance party, of course), we went over to the boardwalk. We ate at an authentic Hawaiian restaurant which has the best “Hula” sauce ever. It made something as simple as a chicken sandwich on a super soft potato bun something to write home about.
I even went back and bought a jar of the Huli Teriyaki Sauce for my dad’s Fathers Day gift. It will definitely be thoroughly enjoyed by my whole family this summer atop of some grilled chicken or seafood.
We played a game of mini golf and then went on a few amusement park rides before ending the night out by getting these.
m&m brownie blizzard
That would be the Dairy Queen M&M Brownie Blizzard. ‘Nuf said.
We got back late and after talking for a while, we hit the hay.
As the two boys were out golfing at the country club all morning, us girls stayed back at the house. We hit the beach around 11 and by 1:30, I had transformed into the red lobster that I am now. Ouch.
After lunch back at the house, we attempted to bike to ‘Crazy Susan’s Famous Cookies’ (which apparently was featured on the Food Network?). Unfortunately, the fourth bike was broken, so I said I would run alongside for the ‘easy’ 3 miles there and then 3 back. It was all flat and definitely a slow, easy pace, but I had not hydrated and fueled properly for a run – and even worse, my sunburnt body was not prepared for more time in the extreme heat and sunshine. Also quite unfortunate was that about a block from the bakery, we found out it’s closed on Sundays… but instead of heading right back and making the whole trek for nothing, we decided to go back to the boardwalk (this is when I bought the Huli Sauce).
The run back was not too comfortable. My lunch had long run its course, I needed a bathroom, and the mix of the sting of sweat running down my sunburnt skin and the simple action of moving my burnt body was SO painful. The finale to the little afternoon outing was a half mile sprint ahead of the group back to the house so I could get out of my misery.
After scarfing down a protein bar and apple, I attempted to stretch and roll out my aching body. It was not pleasant.
Finally, I was able to shower (so painful) before we ate takeout from a local fresh seafood restaurant.
At 7:00 we loaded up the car and, with frowns on our faces, left the beach house and embarked on the five hour drive back home.
The ride home was just like the ride there – filled with singing along to Nicki Minaj, attempting to ‘harmonize’ to Wicked‘s “For Good” and “Defying Gravity”, and playing games to pass the time.
The quad that went on this trip was a little crew that’s been hanging out at least once a month since eighth grade. It’s been over six whole years and we’re still just as tight – if not tighter, despite attending different colleges. They’re some of my favorite people and I can always count on laughing til my abs are sore when I’m with them.
It was the perfect weekend full of laughs, delicious eats (particularly from The Hula Restaurant and Sauce Co. and Dairy Queen!), perfect weather, a bit too much sunshine, beach and boating. I could not have asked for anything more. I’m so lucky for the friends I have and the life I live.
Well, it’s back to reality now – which really is nothing to complain about seeing that it’s summer and all…
Time to slather on more aloe, unpack, and climb into bed.

Reliving the Glory Days

Last night, as I briefly wrote about my busy life back in high school, I couldn’t help but think back to those jam packed days. School and running were my life, but I was fortunate enough to have my amazing friends by my side in both.

My decision to do cross country and track was probably one of the best choices I’ve ever made, though I honestly can’t remember when I actually made the decision. My brother was on the team and an awesome runner, so I guess as I watched him fall in love with the sport, my life long passion for dance went out the back door.

I loved dance, but for some reason I always felt like there was something missing in my life. The second I joined XC, I found exactly what dance was lacking- the true camaraderie that comes with being on team.

I’m sure I will talk much more about my high school running career and my whole running story, but I just had a sudden urge to reminisce for a second. One day when I’m more comfortable with this whole blogging thing, maybe I’ll post some team pictures. For now here’s one that was already published for the world (don’t let me flatter myself- it was really just a few neighboring towns) to see.

That mildly frightening brunette “tackling ‘heartbreak hill'” is yours truly.Image

Cute, right? The papz caught me at my most glamorous moment (and yes, I blurred out the town names on our singlets in my attempt to stay private).

Certainly not the best picture, but I just had to take a moment to relive my glory days.

Sleep On It

Well, I went to bed with one thing on my mind last night.

This blog.

Well, actually just the title of this blog. There was something about its former name that just wasn’t quite doing it for me. “Sweat, Sweets, and Shopping” just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

My aha moment was reached when the title “Fueling Happy”  came to mind. I immediately got out of bed and wrote it down on a little scrap of paper (that’s now crumpled in the trash). I guess someone else thought it was just as awesome as I did, because this morning when I went to change the title, it was already taken. Dang it. But hey, looks like now I have another blog to follow!

I loved the idea of a little play on words, using the word “fuel” in place of “feel”, while still utilizing the meaning of the word. To me, the fuel for a healthy life is not just the nutrients you place in your body (though there will be a lot of that discussed), it’s really anything that brings you happiness. Whether it be sweating it out in a morning workout, slurping down a green protein smoothie, finally mastering that perfect sock bun, indulging in a giant sundae with your best friends, jazzing up that plain white tee with a new statement necklace, blasting country music with the windows down- whatever it is that makes you feel good. You fuel a life with whatever makes you feel alive

Failure can still taste sweet!
Even failure can taste sweet!

So, it may not have been my first choice, and it may not have the perfect ring to it that I was searching for.

But it’ll do!

For now, anyway.

And So It Begins

I guess interning for an online magazine was the straw that broke the camels back.

No, I’m not badmouthing my unpaid internship. Surprisingly, I have zero reason to complain about it. Actually, it’s the reason I’m wide awake, attempting to create the blog I’ve been contemplating making for over a year now.

I’ve been a fitness/fashion/food/entertainment industry junkie since before high school. Hanging out with friends, shopping online and at the mall, trying new recipes, flipping through fashion magazines (plus the occasional tabloid or two), and reading my favorite lifestyle blogs took up the majority of my very little free time in high school. I barely had time to sleep as I juggled hours of homework and cross country/track practices, but somehow I always managed to spend time with my friends, as well as some quality ‘me’ time. A lot of my alone time was spent on my favorite blogs (shout-out to Peanut Butter Fingers, Sweet Tooth Sweet Life, and The Fitnessista, the three that started my obsession and have remained my all time faves).

I’ve never considered myself to be outspoken or one to say out loud everything that’s on my mind to people other than my friends. That’s where writing comes in to play. I have always loved to write, whether it be poetry or stream of conscience journaling or AP English essays (well maybe not those…). Whatever the style we were assigned in school, once I got over the initial pain of actually starting, I somehow found myself getting lost in my thoughts, suddenly staring at a full page of words. Once I got to college where I was not forced to do as much writing as I was in my AP classes, I still found myself missing that feeling of total catharsis that you reach once you let your thoughts out on paper.

I'm definitely not always shy...
I may not be outspoken…but I am definitely weird…

My friends are the ones I talk to about everything- from the latest gossip to our love lives to crazy stories to embarrassing moments to the meaning of life to reminiscing about the good ol’ days, and everything in between.

My goal in creating this blog, is to (attempt to) say what comes to my mind as freely and openly as I do to my friends right here for you (whoever you may be…if anyone besides me ever reads this…).

So, as cheesy as these first words may have sounded, I had to start somewhere.

Aaand I have to end somewhere too…and that somewhere should probably be here. At two in the morning…